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Linux audio as a beginner

Posted by on 22/05/2017

Şerban Stănescu, 5 Years as Linux Daily User

Hi, everybody!

I’m writing this article because as a beginner in audio and mostly under Linux, I had a hard time and the learning curve is so flat, progress is so slow, that it feels excruciatingly painful.

And speaking of stuff that might help…

For the Romanian market, I could find almost nothing. For reasons I can barely grasp, people that work in this industry in Romania and there are lots of them! are missing from the online world. At least, for what we usually call “Sharing means caring”.

We have some sites of some recording studios, but most of them lack a blog.

So, the only way around is learning Enghlish as best as you can and then work hard and do your best to understand what’s what and how’s how, IN ENGLISH. This is why sharing your experience with people on the local market, becomes even harder.

When it comes to Linux audio, even the English market is a mess. Everything is scattered allover the place and it takes tons of determination to find your way through this maze! Which is more than scaring: it’s terrifying!

Let’s say about JACK Audio Connection Kit, for one. Most of the documentation is in a language that someone without a solid programming background, barely can understand. This renders all those pages useless for someone who just wants to make music. Making software and making music, are things way too different and writing a documentaion for a musician, requires a different mindset that the one of a programmer. Let alone the “average Joe”! That is, writing a user’s guide in a programmer’s language makes the documentation useless for the musician, except for the researchers in computers, that choose to study music as a hobby and how to make music using computers… Needless to say that this documentation is really useless for someone who wants to start from scratch, with everything, just because the world of sounds means more than anything else.

So, do I have to be part of the elite to gain access to those FREE TOOLS?

People tend to say “Forget Linux! Get a Mac and go ahead!”

Well, that’s easy to say when you have a steady stream of income well exceeding $2500 monthly. What about people who make their living with $220, like most of the common romanian people? And please, spear me with statistics! Averaging Bill Gate’s billions with some thousand ordinary people’s income, gives some $50,000 per capita monthly, or even more! So… Wow! We’re rich!

Are we?…

And here is where Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) come into play: the software available under Linux is free, thus cutting a huge lane of expenses and giving a chance to the people that have that “something” for music, and are willing to pour lots of time and sweat, instead of lots of money, just to live their dreams and, I have to say that too: to make our life more beautiful.

Bottom line:

I need a lot of help and it’s difficult for me to find it, even if I know English enough to read tons of documentation. On the other hand, I like to share with people on the Romanian market and working only in English, makes it very, very difficult. Mostly, undoable.

So, I decided to go for a different approach.

I have this blog for some years and instead of using it, I just kept it, almost empty. Maybe it’s the time to fill it with something.

Your help will be appreciated and if you know people that might help, please, comment, like it and share it!

All the best!


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