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Best Linux Screencaster: SimpleScreenRecorder

Posted by on 23/07/2016

Post Header - SimpleScreenRecorder

Glad to have you here!

Today, I’m going to tell you about my screencasting experience.

Nowadays, Linux became a choice for a lot of things and you’re quite about to read about one choice that might look exciting for you!

What I’m talking about is using computer for CAL Computer Assisted Learning or, if you like it better eLearning.

This has two major aspects: learning and teaching. Teaching others what you like and what you do best, is very well served by the new learning/teaching environnement usually called “Internet”.

Since the classical educational environnement ceased to serve its purpose decades ago, we have to find solutions.

One of them, we use to call “Video tutorial”. It takes way too much to enter into an “in depth” analysis, but briefly, there are literally millions of people who can build a home business just based on their current skills and a few computer “additions”.

A video lesson, on the other hand, is way easier to use and retention of knowledge, is far better.

From the instructor’s perspective, it allows a huge shrinking of the time expenses compared to the classical “class teaching” system!

So, if you have a skill and you can make a fair use of a computer, then recording your desktop while you’re working on something, will do the trick.

I’m already using Linux on a daily basis for 4 years and I had lots of other attempts to move from Windows to Linux.

In România, Linux has its share of popularity, but as a home-computing environnement, there is still a lot to do in this direction. State affairs and politicians, strongly favor the Redmond giant so, all what’s left for us, is simply find our way out of the maze and, maybe more than anything, SHARE AS MUCH AS WE CAN! Knowledge, resources, ideas, solutions.


One of the most valuable things we can do to share knowledge and the practice about any skill we have or we developed along the path of life, is obviously to record the desktop activities, while we work.

I like very much doing that, and I had to find solutions to do that in a convenient way.

Video editing under Linux, is still a huge problem, although lately, things went onto the right path.

However, I am going to end this short story of mine with the solution I came up, after four years of testing, practicing and (YES!) failing.

The STAR in this show, is SimpleScreenRecorder, a small and versatile application, developed by Martin Baert.

It is now here the place where I will say a HUGE


All I wil say is that I’ve been working with this gem for three years at least, thoroughly testing and I also have some releases you can find on my YouTube Channel serbansvideo. The stuff is in Romanian, but you’ll get a pretty good idea about what’s up there. All desktop recordings were made with SimpleScreenRecorder.


It is just a brief list of the tools I use. I’ll come back with a few words about them, In a later post.

Hope you enjoyed it and was useful! Please, share it with your friends, and come back for more!

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