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Computer Music

Home Recording: Beginner scenarios

  I will start this article with huge thanks to Hannes Antensteiner, for the feedback on my previous article, on Linux Europe. What “did the trick” to offer me a very interesting perspective, was the word “workflow”. Since I am a certified Project Manager, the concept of workflow, has a meaning to me and as a beginner in music and audio, particularily under Linux, I think this is the best way to put it! Based on the goals a beginner has (mostly voice and desktop recording), Read more […]

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Linux audio as a beginner

Hi, everybody! I’m writing this article because as a beginner in audio and mostly under Linux, I had a hard time and the learning curve is so flat, progress is so slow, that it feels excruciatingly painful. And speaking of stuff that might help… For the Romanian market, I could find almost nothing. For reasons I can barely grasp, people that work in this industry in Romania — and there are lots of them! — are missing from the online world. At least, for what we usually call “Sharing Read more […]

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