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Being the Change

What next?

  It took me a long time to figure out the answer to this question, but here I am! Actually, here WE ARE! Here are some guides that will outline the contents of this site: The whole world is changing. How are we moving towards this complex process? The whole Universe IS ENERGY. Absorbing the change, means understanding this, deeply inside us. Ultimately, means UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES; The shift in counsciousness is of essence, if we are to build a future for us and the next Read more […]

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A Whole New Beginning

If you have been here before, you have certainly noticed that it took me a very long time to figure out how am I going to start from scratch. The most obvious thing that crosses anyones mind is “Just do it!”. And, from a certain point of view, that is the bare truth. Well, although this may seem obvious for almost anyone, it is far from truth in my case. Want to know why? Well, just try to jump into my shoes… I am almost fifty five. Is it possible to “start from scratch”? Read more […]

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Building our country’s image

  One of the most debated subjects in Romanian media, is the image of România and how is it built by the authorities. But I come now in front of you and ask a question: ARE WE STILL BOUND BY WHAT THE GOVERNMENTS DO OR FAIL TO DO? We live now in an informational era, wether we like it or else. Blogging, went far from being a hobby and even in Romania, it became a full-time job and in some cases, grew into a business. I have my own projects running on the Romanian market Read more […]

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