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Various things about me and the way I am…

Re-start from scratch

Sometimes, life rolls in and out in a different way than expected. This happened to this blog. I picked up a hosting for certain reasons and I came to see that I made the wrong choice. Regardless the details, I found myself in front of a taugh decision: RESTART the blog, from scratch. I lost some of the energy invested, but in the end, I guess I got some lessons and I hope I learned them well enough to make a difference this time. So, here I am, writing again “the first post”. Actually, Read more […]

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About me

Who am I?       My name is Şerban Stănescu, aka sserbanro. I am from România and my primary language is — obviously!! — Romanian. I am a writer, I created the Zero Negations Language aka ZENLA and the ZENLA Project. I am also an internet marketer, a self-published author with well, —at the time of writing this, which is May 2013 — over 25 ebooks.     I have also several sites I am running, besides this one.     People know me mostly by my nicknames „sserbanro” Read more […]

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