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What next?

Posted by on 17/03/2015

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It took me a long time to figure out the answer to this question, but here I am! Actually, here WE ARE!

Here are some guides that will outline the contents of this site:

  • The whole world is changing. How are we moving towards this complex process?
  • The whole Universe IS ENERGY. Absorbing the change, means understanding this, deeply inside us. Ultimately, means UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES;
  • The shift in counsciousness is of essence, if we are to build a future for us and the next generations to come;
  • Replacing the old control mindsets (mind patterns) with new energy building mindsets, is the only way that can lead to EVOLUTION;
  • Sharing information and life experiences is the only way that we can evolve. The control pattern the human society used for many centuries can be reduced to its essence: OR. This means, in other words, EXCLUSION.
  • The solution and the new mind pattern we need to use in order to achieve a new level of wealth and understanding of ourselves and ultimately of the whole Universe, is AND. This means, in other words, INCLUSION.
  • I started my quest for finding “who am I”, when I was 5 years old. That was over 50 years ago.
  • Building a world, is a process of creation and it has certain basic steps. Those steps are clearly connected with the levels of manifestation.
  • Ancient writings gave us centuries ago the knowledge we need to build what we usually call “Heaven”. Our understanding of what really means “Heaven”, for centuries ignored HALF of the deep meaning, projecting Heaven into the sky. NOW, I belive the time has come to understand CLEARLY that what was said for centuries:

What is Outside is also Inside;

what is Above, as so Below.”

Ancient writings, including what we usually call “The Holy Bible”, gave us the basic tools needed for understanding what Heaven means, and also gave us the fundamental rule about TRUTH: TRUTH, CAN BE ONLY ONE. That is, HEAVEN CAN BE ONLY ONE.

WE BELIVE that HEAVEN can be ONLY ONE, which ultimately leads to one amazing conclusion: Assuming that God created the “Upper” Heaven, IT IS OUR JOB TO CREATE THE “LOWER” HEAVEN. Here, ON EARTH. And we belive that this is clearly stated in the Bible:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27)

As we see it, that means that WE ARE THE ONES TO CREATE THE “LOWER” HEAVEN. All it takes is to learn the suitable mind patterns, and ACT UPON THEM UNTIL SUCCESS IS ACHIEVED. We have been given EVERYTHING WE NEED, including GOD’S ASSISTANCE TO DO SO (which is also stated in every ancient writing!).

And we belive that this is ultimately “God’s Plan for humans”. For each and every human!

This site, is about US Monica Stănescu and Şerban Stănescu and what we accomplished on this fantastic JOURNEY from “HAVING” to “BEING”.

We called this Journey towards ourselves and towards the Universe



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