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A Whole New Beginning

Posted by on 31/05/2014

If you have been here before, you have certainly noticed that it took me a very long time to figure out how am I going to start from scratch.

The most obvious thing that crosses anyones mind is “Just do it!”. And, from a certain point of view, that is the bare truth.

Well, although this may seem obvious for almost anyone, it is far from truth in my case.

Want to know why?

Well, just try to jump into my shoes…

I am almost fifty five. Is it possible to “start from scratch”? I mean… from nothing?

The phrase itself gives you half of the answer and this is obvious for me and IT SHOULD BE for you too!

Look closely: “Start from scratch”. See what I mean?

“FROM SCRATCH”, has a very different meaning than “from nothing”. It usually means that there has to be a SCRATCH. Somekind of “something”.

So, it took me a very long time to figure out which of my scratches on the Life’s skin worths adding a new scratch, and then another and so on. Until I build something.

So, here is somekind of a blueprint for what is going to happen here from now on:

  • ZENLA. The Zero Negations Language. Although it may seem difficult to notice, this blog IS WRITTEN IN A DIFFERENT ENGLISH than the one you were used to. We’ll speak about that later. Did you notice SOMETHING DIFFERENT so far?
  • The ZENLA School. Well, this is a little more strightforward. This is something that has to have some connection with ZENLA, The Zero Negations Language. And it really has! THAT, I can tell you!
  • The Hyper-Hidrated Diet, or HHD. This is also self-explanatory enough. It has something to do with food and feeding and as you figured out already, with water. We’ll also discuss those later. And it will be a long, very long discussion. THAT, I can tell you, too!
  • Self-sustainability. The whistleblower says that humanity is going to collapse soon. That we’re going to become from “something” a big “nothing”. Is that so? Are we going to turn into a void!? Just like that!? According to the US production “2012”, it seems it is “just like that”. According to the calendar, today is the 31st of May, 2014. Pretty weird, ha? So… Question is: WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE? Is it just a delay? It it something else? WHAT IS IT?


Enough said, so far!

If you are really interested if we are going to turn into nothing or eventually into something else, than drop me a notice. Use the comment form for that.

And forget SPAMMING ME!

You will waste your PRECIOUS TIME!

And that’s a bad strategy, IF the end is coming! Even if something DIFFERENT IS COMMNING, it still is a bad strategy. But this is a different story. You’ll find it in the RULES SECTION.


Want to get here FASTER?

Search for #hhd, #hyperhidrateddiet, #zenlaschool, #zenla #selfsustainability


2 Responses to A Whole New Beginning

  1. Mirela

    Buna Serban. Am urmat linkul de pe FB. Voi citi ce scrii aici, cu drag. Este o idee buna sa scrii in engleza dar sper ca nu vei renunta sa scrii si in romana. Astfel,
    vor fi mai multi cititori.
    Cu drag, Mirela

    • banifarabani

      I already wrote in Romanian for more than 7 VERY LONG years.
      I think this is enough. At least, for now.
      What will be next?
      Well, I want to live NOW!
      Tomorrow, is ANOTHER DAY. Eventually…
      “Let thy worries for tomorrow, for tomorrow.” — says some book…
      “The living with the living and the dead, with the dead.” — says the same book…
      “Yesterday, just died; tomorrow, is about to be born. What’s left, is TODAY!
      With Love,
      Monica and Şerban