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Re-start from scratch

Posted by on 08/06/2013

Portrait Şerban Stănescu Sometimes, life rolls in and out in a different way than expected. This happened to this blog. I picked up a hosting for certain reasons and I came to see that I made the wrong choice. Regardless the details, I found myself in front of a taugh decision: RESTART the blog, from scratch.

I lost some of the energy invested, but in the end, I guess I got some lessons and I hope I learned them well enough to make a difference this time.

So, here I am, writing again “the first post”. Actually, the second…

What will be this time like?

I will write about what I like to do most and what I’ve done mostly in those 18 years of computing and computers practice.

You’ll find here various topics. Use the menu to make your way through the stuff.

For now, there are a few major topics I’m going to cover.

Writing, books authoring and Writing Therapy. I have over 44 years of writing experience. This is the topic I love most, so I’ll write about my publishing, advertising and selling books experience. I will also write about my Writing Therapy Mentorship Program MTPS in short. The mentorship is a synthesis of over 40 years of life experience and various researches in various branches of Life, self-teaching, self-knowledge, self-awearness, spiritual education and in a very general way, self-development. It is the story of my spiritual Journey towards my Inner Self, turned into a useful tool for the others, since at this point in life, I belive that sharing my life experience with like-minded, is the only way to evolve further, from what I am now.

Computer graphics and digital photo. It seems that I like those very much! Anyway, much more than I thought so far… I got involved in learning and using computer graphics way back in 1995… I kept learning eversince, and unfortunately for me, without the conscious purpose of becoming a computer graphics designer. Now I guess this was a major mistake, since when I mind-mapped the way I used my time from my early childhood till now, I came to realise, to be aware of the fact that I invested a huge amount of time and energy in this branch of computer science. Would’ve been better if this was a planned goal though…

Linux. I fully switched on Linux, on 22nd of july, 2012. And I stayed steady on my choice! After 17 years of using Windows, I just got sick and tired of buying the rights to use a product that states that I am to be considered a slave and a criminal, worthy only of penalties. And I said “Enough of that!”. I told the story on my Romanian blog, at the time it happened. I said it, and I also did it. Walk the talk, say the wise men.

You’ll find here articles about “From Windows to Linux” topic and mostly about my experience with Linux and migration related practice. I know I’m far from being an expert in using Linux, still, I got along with my new partner, which is Linux Mint 13, for now. We seem to like each other, more and more! :)

Digital Nomad. This is something wonderful that I discovered yesterday and I recognized in this very general picture, most of my latest 12 years. Facts, decisions made, my way of thinking, seem that finally found their name and also, I found that there are many others that have the same feelings about how life should be lived.

Computer music. I also love playing keyboards and I also composed and played two albums. My deepest pain is… the lack of musical education. What kept me going over the years with this dream of mine, was the native musical skill (talent) and a huge desire to play a synthesizer. So, all I got was the talent, the desire, the music from the inside, and the hard work to get it out from there, picking randomly what key to strike and trying to remember “how it sounds”. I will be back with more details, in time.

I’d be glad if you can help me in any way to move a little faster on the path…

The main roadblock, is the language. Romanian is my primary language and it is hard for me to learn something like music, in English. The specific language is for now at least, way too difficult to understand, even in Romanian… Any suggestion, any idea, will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

Şerban (That is… Sherban)

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