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About me

Posted by on 27/05/2013

Who am I?


Portrait Şerban Stănescu    My name is Şerban Stănescu, aka sserbanro. I am from România and my primary language is — obviously!! — Romanian.

I am a writer, I created the Zero Negations Language aka ZENLA and the ZENLA Project.

I am also an internet marketer, a self-published author with well, at the time of writing this, which is May 2013 over 25 ebooks.

    I have also several sites I am running, besides this one.

    People know me mostly by my nicknames „sserbanro” and „banifarabani”.




    This is something that is impossible to put into words very accurate. One’s experience evolves and when speaking about this, you start being a genius, knowing anything and everything in the Universe and eventually, after a few decades, you end becomning aware of the fact that you know nothing.

Since probably my ego is still consistent, I assume I can say I know a few things about:

  • Writing44 years of practice;
  • Computers 18 years of practice, both hardware and software;
  • Internet12 years;
  • Offline Business18 years;
  • Onine Business, Home business6 years;
  • Spirituality22 years. Yoga, Reiki, Munay Ki, Inforenergetics, Dowsing




  • Vocation, talents, and how to succeed în life, based upon those RESOURCES;

  • Self-publishing, online publishing;
  • Self-teaching, computer-based stuff;
  • Online business;
  • Self-development;
  • Spirituality Reiki, Yoga, Munay Ki, Inforenergetics, Dowsing
  • Computer music and MIDI.


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